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In this episode of the Founders Guide Post Podcast, Bill Koenig shares his expertise on the process of selling a business. From understanding motivations for selling to the importance of a solid management team, Bill offers valuable insights for first-time sellers.

Bill is the knowledgeable Senior Director of Montminy & Co, who specializes in the world of mergers and acquisitions. Bill’s expertise in understanding the crucial factors that determine a business’s value, such as recurring revenue and the quality of its management team, makes him an invaluable ally for any entrepreneur looking to sell their company. With his warm and easy-going manner, Bill is the perfect guest to share his insights and help guide business owners on their journey to a successful sale.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Delve into the motives behind sellers and how recognizing value-driving forces benefits your business.
  • Explore the crucial aspects that contribute to a business’s valuation, like dependable revenue and leadership competence.
  • Grasp the importance of investment bankers in steering the sales course and attaining the best possible outcomes.

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About the Guest

Bill Koenig has over 25 years of diverse financial services experience in the areas of corporate banking; leverage finance; subordinated debt financing; equipment leasing; commercial real estate finance; and both primary and secondary loan syndications and trading. Mr. Koenig has completed over $1.5 billion in both senior and subordinated debt/lease transactions encompassing management led buyouts; M&A; international financings; complex commercial real estate; and various structured debt transactions. 

Before joining Montminy & Co., Mr. Koenig was the CEO and Director of Northwest Bank where he was responsible for leading the growth and setting the strategic direction of a 3-state, privately owned $500 million asset sized bank. Previously, Mr. Koenig was an Executive Vice President with Western Alliance Bank (NYSE: WAL) in Phoenix, Arizona where he managed various specialty banking groups including corporate finance, leverage finance, equipment leasing, municipal finance, resort finance, and the Bank’s equity investments in several SBIC funds.

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