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A successful business exit requires optimization in several key areas, including stability, intrinsic value, and capital efficiency. By focusing on these areas, business owners can maximize their company’s value and prepare for a smooth sales process. This involves ensuring a steady stream of revenue, investing in the growth and development of the company, and keeping costs low while maintaining high production quality. By doing so, entrepreneurs can attract a wider range of potential buyers and secure a competitive offer for their business. As Joyce Hrinya addressed in the podcast, to achieve stability in a business, owners should prioritize profitability, consistent growth, and monthly recurring revenue. For intrinsic value, factors like a diversified customer base, long-term contracts, and proprietary products and services add worth to the business. Lastly, capital efficiency can be boosted by minimizing labor costs and capital expenditures while also having a solid management team in place to execute the business’s strategic plan.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to master the process of readying businesses for maximum value and smooth transitions.
  • Recognizing the significance of enlisting knowledgeable and experienced investment bankers.
  • How to achieve financial clarity and eliminate low-profit margin offerings in your product suite.

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About the Guest

Joyce Hrinya has nearly 30 years of experience leading companies and efficiently building profitable consumer brands. She has held executive leadership positions in general management, marketing, strategic planning, and business development.

Ms. Hrinya is the Founder & Managing Partner of A & R Strategy Partners where she assists owners, boards and CEOs of small to mid-size consumer businesses with customer-centric omni-channel brand strategies focused on differentiated planning of online and offline tactics. Past clients include See’s Candies, Fechheimer, and Hallmark.

Previously, Ms. Hrinya was a Managing Director & Operating Partner at Z Capital Partners, a value-oriented middle market private equity firm with $2.3 billion of regulatory assets and committed capital under management.  There she served as the CEO for Famous Brands International (the parent company of Mrs. Fields and TCBY).

Prior to Z Capital / Famous Brands International, Ms. Hrinya served as SVP of Marketing for Danskin, VP of Business Development for Liz Claiborne, VP of Marketing for Aris Isotoner, and Director of Business Development for Coach.

Ms. Hrinya has served on the Board of Directors of Famous Brands International and Modere and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Woodward Communications Inc.

Ms. Hrinya has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Finance from Penn State University.

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