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Henry DeSpain is a retirement plan expert who specializes in helping business owners with their retirement planning. He works to maximize tax savings and retirement contributions for individuals and businesses.

Henry has many years of experience in the Valley. He helps clients understand how to plan for their retirement, whether they are selling their business assets or their business stock. He explains the advantages of setting up an Exit Focused Retirement Plan to be able to defer taxes on any income that is generated from the sale of the business. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How can a retirement plan be used to purchase out someone from their ownership in a business?
  • What are the tax savings implications of retirement plans?
  • What is the difference between a defined benefit plan and a cash balance plan?

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About the Guest

Henry DeSpain has been designing, administering and consulting on employee retirement plans since 1991. His talent for blending technical expertise with managing relationships makes Henry a valuable asset to MGKS. He works well alongside fellow advisors (CPA, Financial Advisor, Attorney) to ensure clients’ best interests are served at every step of the plan implementation and administration process. Henry helps lead the firm’s marketing efforts and growth strategy.

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