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Donald Laughlin is an experienced consultant and author of four books on leadership, strategic planning, operational excellence, and finance and capital planning. He specializes in helping businesses prepare for an exit and manage the two paradoxes of structural alignment and dynamic alignment.

Donald Laughlin started Edgy and has discovered that true leadership requires more than complacency. He began to help organizations through the process of change and growth, and developed specialized tools to assist them. As a CFO, Donald used his expertise to write four books on different aspects of the business world, like leading a company through a capital raise, cash assessment, and strategic planning. Through his consulting work, he realized the importance of leadership in an organization and developed an assessment to help build strong leaders. Despite the current chaos in the world, Donald is helping companies reach their goals and gain new liquid capital. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Do You Prepare a Company for a Capital Raise and What Do You Do Afterwards?
  • What Is the Foundation of Leadership and How Do We Build Up That Foundation?
  • How Can Business Owners Manage Uncertainty and the New Normal of the Economy?

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About the Guest

Mr. Laughlin is an experienced corporate officer with two Master’s Degrees and brings multinational experience in both for-proft and not-for-profit sectors. Primary areas of focus include enterprise governance, culture development with employee engagement, and finance and capital raising. Mr. Laughlin established his career in operations management, teaming, organizational structuring, leadership and strategic planning through his first Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from Azusa Pacific University. Corporate Governance, leadership development, strategic financial positioning and high growth entity management emerged as key skills resulting in his second Master’s Degree, an Executive MBA from the University of Southern California. Successful roles in various organizations have included Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Administrative Officer and Board of Directors Member.

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