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Tabatha Lavoie is a corporate attorney who specializes in helping business owners navigate the complexities of selling their business, from corporate documents and contracts to intellectual property and liens. She often deals with clients who are looking to plan for succession, sell their business, or enter into some other stage of business. 

She stresses the importance of having the proper corporate documents and contracts in place when selling a business, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, operating agreements, and minutes. In addition, she looks for assignable contracts, any potential triggering events, liens, and titles to property. Finally, she looks for any potential problems with intellectual property, such as domain names, telephone numbers, and websites.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What happens when a buyer discovers corporate documents are missing when a business is being sold?
  • What potential issues can arise when a business owner has not completed corporate formalities such as annual minutes?
  • How can a business owner ensure they have clear title to assets that they are selling as part of their business?

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About the Guest

Tabatha LaVoie is an attorney with 25 years of experience in law, business and real estate. She focuses her practice on helping business owners with start-ups, corporate structures and compliance, mergers & acquisitions, software & technology, and commercial real estate.

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