Hosted by Armando Roman

Heidi Berger has spent years in finance analysis, strategic planning and operations. She specializes in helping companies become more efficient and better at what they do, by identifying, documenting and improving their core processes.

She realized that companies needed to document their processes in order to scale and grow. Heidi created a workshop to help businesses identify and document their core processes. She noticed that customers often pointed out inconsistencies in their experience, and she developed a method to help identify and bridge those gaps. Through her workshops, she found that companies experienced a 1% return on their bottom line, and could also scale and sell their businesses more effectively. She encourages businesses to create systems that are dependent on processes, not people.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How is it possible to increase a company’s bottom line by 1% simply by documenting and implementing business processes?
  • How can companies benefit from documenting their processes in order to make their business more system-dependent and less people-dependent?
  • What are the different methods of documenting processes, and how do they differ for different departments such as accounting, sales, and operations?

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About the Guest

Heidi Berger brings to the Process Optimizer™ clients a passion for analytics and helping businesses understand the “why” behind solutions. Heidi has spent her career analyzing and improving operations for companies in a variety of industries, with over 10 years at P.F. Chang’s, where she held roles as VP of Planning and Analysis, VP of Financial Operations and Risk, and most recently VP of Business Transformation. Heidi has also been in a variety of senior management roles in retail, distribution and restaurant firms where she focused on Finance, Operations, Risk, Treasury and Supply Management. Her roles have helped C-suite leaders guide strategy and make better decisions while also helping coach and mentor those directly affecting the customer. Heidi has a gift for translating the complex nature of numbers and analysis into meaningful, actionable ideas that can be executed.

In addition to her work as a coach and consultant, Heidi is also a Green Belt in Lean principles, helps entrepreneurial businesses achieve operational excellence in their core processes to optimize execution. Creating scorecards and dashboards are key drivers in her approach. As a Certified Management Accountant with an MBA in International Operations, Heidi’s has both the intellectual capacity and the real-world experience to bring meaningful, detailed change to the Process Optimizer™’s clients and strengthen their EOS Implementation.

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