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Jessica Holsapple is a business guide and consultant that helps business owners who are looking to exit. She has hired and trained thousands of people and led elite teams of up to 250 people across the US and abroad. She specializes in helping struggling locations improve their systems, helping business owners find fulfillment in their business, and getting them get a meaningful return on their investment. Through her work, she helps them build elite teams, create the right culture, and optimize their performance. Ultimately, she helps them to achieve their dreams, including a successful exit.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of culture in the success of a business.
  • How the right team can bring a business to the next level.
  • What business owners do to ensure they get a meaningful return on their investment.

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About the Guest

Jessica Holsapple has been in operations management since the start of her career. As a Director of Operations with a Staffing and Recruiting background Jessica has hired and trained thousands and led teams of up to 250 people across the US and around the globe.

In 2014, after successfully leading her local branch, Jessica was tasked with taking over additional struggling locations and was able to successfully turn them around. In doing so, she also project-managed and developed the company’s first Operations Manual in 25 years and trained other managers around the Southwest. This is where Jessica discovered her love for organizing systems and culture to improve growth.

In late 2015 Jessica decided to branch out on her own, taking the lessons learned from almost 15 years of leading teams for entrepreneurial organizations, and started SCG (Systems, Culture, Growth) Consulting Group as an Executive Coach, Consultant and Fractional COO. In 2022, she became a Next Level Growth Business Guide and Certified Process Optimizer with our sister company Process Optimizer.

Jessica studied Organizational Leadership at The University of Arizona’s MBA Program, received an undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University in Management, and holds certifications in Six Sigma and Non-Profit Leadership and Administration.

Jessica lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoys staying active, and connecting with local business leaders by serving as a chapter lead for multiple community organizations and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue.

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