Hosted by Armando Roman

Your family-owned business has challenges that only a family-owned business faces. Resolve those challenges before selling or transitioning the company to the next generation.

Listen to this conversation with Leslie Dashew to get a glimpse of her 40 years of insight into navigating family-owned business perils and successes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How a parent can set the stage for an adult child to take over.
  • What is a family constitution and why it’s important to a family business.
  • How to overcome disagreements regarding the future of the business.

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You may reach Leslie at, or telephone (480) 419-4243.

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About the Guest

Leslie Dashew has combined her background in organizational development and family therapy to specialize in consultation to family businesses and families of wealth, as well as other organizations, private and public.

Leslie helps individuals, families and organizations chart the course of their future.

Her work with family businesses includes prevention of serious problems by helping clients establish the policies, practices and skills of healthy family organizations. She also works with families who are in severe conflict to help them untangle the knots between family and business issues. Leslie’s clients come from large and small businesses throughout the U.S. and abroad, in many different industries. Her expertise lies in helping these clients create harmony in the family and prosperity in the business.

Leslie also works with families of wealth to help identify a shared vision and strategies to help families optimize the impact of wealth on the family and its interests.

While Leslie has worked extensively with family-owned businesses, she has not lost touch with her roots in consulting with leaders, boards, and teams in other organizations as well.

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